DS-600 Sofa (with & without backrest)


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Designers U. Berger, E. Peduzzi Riva, H. Ulrich, K. Vogt

Named after a mythical alpine creature, the Tatzelwurm, our DS-600 has embodied the de Sede lifestyle for over 45 years. With its modular elements that can be expanded to suit every individual taste, it has travelled the world and even found its place in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s longest sofa. This world-famous sofa is not only available in high-quality de Sede leather, but also in indoor and semi-outdoor fabrics and the new de Sede velvet fabric VELOUR. A multifunctional element range. You can zip a number of the same element together until you have the longest sofa in the world. That way you can always find a new arrangement for your room. de Sede’s own combination of both supportive and down-soft upholstery gives this variable sofa, the legendary de Sede sitting comfort.  Recently updated to provide additional seating without the back support gives this a fresh new look. Made in Switzerland.

Prices may change according to the chosen materials and size.

Construction: Modular system of upholstered individual armchair elements. L-shaped hard foam core covered with a down-lined and leather or fabric covered cushion. Elements are connected with a plug-in hinge and a construction made of hide and zipper.

Made in Switzerland


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