Fox Chair (Dove White)



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Fox Lounge Chair by Viggo Boesen (Dove White)

Viggo Boesen’s FOX lounge chair won the design competition, held by the Danish wicker-maker guild in 1936.

His inspiring, imaginative designs made him unique, and put him among the designers of the “Danish golden age” FOX lounge chair is the first of many furniture pieces from this pioneer in organic furniture design. Sika-Design is proud to be the first to bring a Viggo Boesen design back into the market as part of their ICONS collections available in natural colour with skin on or polished and polished in matt black.

The Exterior-collection is made from Alu-Rattan which consists of a strong aluminium frame woven with Art fibre. The material is maintenance free and can withstand all weather conditions. This means that original rattan models previously only suitable for interior use, now can be used in the garden, on the terrace or the balcony.



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About Rattan

Furniture produced of rattan, are popularly known as wicker furniture, bamboo furniture or woven furniture. Rattan is remarkable hardwearing and at the same time a very lightweight material. We often see some of our models lasting several generations. Unlike bamboo, which is a hollow material, rattan is solid.  Rattan is in the palm family and grows climbing up the trees in the rainforest. About 80% of the worlds rattan comes from Indonesia and it grows naturally without disturbing the existing structure and balance in the rainforest. The rattan cord can grow up to 185 meters long and there is more than 200 known species of the rattan plant. To maintain the rattan production it is necessary to preserve the trees, why the rattan plant indirect helps care for the rain forest in Indonesia. Rattan is one of the fastest growing materials, which also filter the air and converts most CO2 to oxygen. It regenerates it self in a cycle on 5-7 years. Rattan is resistant against heat, cold, moist and temperature fluctuations, and is a sustainable material, that fulfils our production philosophy of ethics and common sense.


With the utmost respect to the original designs, and as Scandinavia’s oldest producer of rattan and wicker furniture, we have put the chairs of some of
Denmarks most skilled and important architects and designers back into production.

Sika Design has collaborated with the descendants of Arne Jacobsen, Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel and Viggo Boesen. The designers were all significant to our design history with their experimenting and ground-breaking designs. Each in their own way, they performed magic with the sturdy, genius qualities of the beautiful natural material of rattan and wicker. We are proud to present: Paris, Rana, Nanny, Madame, Fox and Wengler chair.  Available exclusively to DOMO.


Width: 80 cm Height: 64 cm Depth: 80 cm Seat Height: 25 cm

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