GV17 Lamp Table



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A beautiful reproduction which has inlays in walnut and cherry. The two-tone colours of the inlays and the detailed craftsmanship make this piece very elegant and sophisticated.

Quality is not only refinement. For Giovanni Visentin, it has a wider meaning, which starts from the beginning. The wood used in there furniture comes directly from woods and forests protected from deforestation. For each fallen tree another one is planted, thus protecting the ecosystem in where we all live.  Made in Italy.

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Giovanni Visentin (made in Italy)

Authentic reproductions with warmth and refined finishes. They give the real Italian taste to each piece, taking you on a small trip to Italian museums without leaving your home.

Founded in 1973, GIOVANNI VISENTIN produces its pieces in Rosà, the famous area of Bassano del Grappa, known world wide for it’s high quality classical furniture production. With over 3 generations of experience in the field, these pieces still keep the same features of the old originals. From the quality of materials used such as solid walnut, cherry and oak to the hand crafted manufacturing and the finishing process. Every piece is crafted by skilled people with many years of experience.


Dia 90 cm

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