Isatis Dining Table (Blanco)



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The Isatis Dining Table in patina Pierre Chiaro is our best selling “Classic Dining Table” Australia Wide. The frame is embellished with rounded borders and the table is made in solid walnut with oak inlays, this table is designed to be used and suits either a formal or informal room. With an extremely robust finish, its appearance is enhanced from daily use, making a perfect table for a family or someone who loves to entertain and does not need to worry about scratches and indentations. This dining table also has 3 extensions (40cm long) cleverly placed inside the table which allows it to reach 340cm comfortably seating 12.

The decorative iron found beneath the dining table is hand-forged giving this table a unique look and feel.  Beautifully constructed and made in Italy by Arte Brotto the original design is part of the Marchetti Collection, combining classical expertise with modern interpretations. Headquartered in Rosà, in the province of Italy’s Vincena.

Available in Patina Pierre Chiaro, Blanco Antico (Antique White) and Nero Antico (Antique Black) finish.


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Open with Extension Leaves - W 340.00cm x H 78.00cm x D 110.00cm
Closed - W 220.00cm x H 78.00cm x D 110.00cm

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