Miles Table


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Design Sebastian Herkner

The contemporary take on furnishing: we form an attachment to objects not just because they simply fulfil a purpose, but because we like to see and feel them on a daily basis. When it comes to the shape of a table, there are certain immutable criteria that must be satisfied if the piece is to meet the demands placed on it.

By making a small but critical design change, Sebastian Herkner has successfully added a highly attractive and independent newcomer to this exacting product group: what at first glance looks like single-piece columns supporting the tabletop reveal themselves to be delicately bundled rods that form an ornamental whole. What makes the supposedly ‘classic’ bistro table a definitively contemporary representative of its genre is freedom of selection when it comes to materials – an endless variety of combinations and looks creating different tactile experiences. And when Wittmann turns a design into reality, there really are no limits to the creative options: the rods on the central column can be individually wrapped in leather if desired.


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29890 Ø 48 x H 48
29891 Ø 68 x H 40
29892 Ø 68 x H 63
29893 Ø 68 x H 72
29894 Ø 90 x H 72