Mondrian Bombe Cabinet



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Grange honours iconic design influences with the new Mondrian Bombe Cabinet designed by Eric Da Costa. The inspiration of Gustav Mondrian’s modern iconic paintings juxtaposes the classical Louis XV silhouette of the commode. With over 20 hours of hand finishing to create the design, the piece embodies the know-how of finishing with Grange. Only this particular expertise of beautiful, rich nuanced finishing can create the satin-like signature Grange finish.

The limited edition Mondrian Bombe Cabinet is available now in selected DOMO stores. Made in France.

Additional Information

For 35 years DOMO has been the exclusive Australian distributor of GRANGE Furniture, so it is with great sadness that we bid this iconic French brand adieu, as they permanently cease operations.

Grange furniture has been defined by its heritage, warmth and durability. Established in 1904 in Lyon, France, Grange stayed true to its traditional and time-honoured craftsmanship for more than a century, producing furniture destined to become cherished family heirlooms. As Grange designers reinterpreted period-style furniture, they have breathed new life into timeless designs based on the best of French cabinetmaking. These craftsmen then bring their expertise to all stages of the furniture manufacturing process with each piece finished by hand.

Grange holds the title of being DOMO’s keystone brand. In 1984 Francesco Novembre, founder and owner of DOMO, discovered the classic French furniture label during his search for the perfect coffee table. His admiration for Grange was such that after he found the coffee table, he founded Grange Furniture Australia, renamed DOMO – Latin for ‘home’ – in 2013.

Did you know? The French Government recognised Grange as a “Company of Living Heritage,” awarding it an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant in 2013 for successfully merging tradition and innovation.


W 110 x D 47 x H 87 cm

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