Odeon Dining Sofa


Product customisation available

Design Marco Dessi

The idea of sitting at a table on an upholstered bench has a long-standing tradition. A bench gives the person sitting on it the feeling that they have ample space to spread out and is also the perfect solution for larger groups around a table: it is always possible to move closer to one another in comfort on a bench.

The Odeon dining sofa takes its cue from all the fantastic properties exhibited by the Odeon sofa: outstanding comfort, the striking lines which add stability to the upholstery, independence that permits it to shine when positioned as a stand-alone piece. A more upright backrest and higher seating position make it the perfect bench which will add new ergonomic quality to long hours spent around the
table. A bench could not be more like a sofa than this.

“AUSTRIAN HANDCRAFT SINCE 1896 – Wittmann is a family business – manufacturing high-quality upholstered furniture.

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W 281 - 350 x D 73 x H 79 x SH 49 Also available in many different sizes


This item is currently not stocked nationally at DOMO Collections - yet is available upon request from our suppliers.

To inquire about product customisation from our available fabrics and finishes or to place an order, Please contact or visit your closest DOMO store.

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