Palais Sofa


Product customisation available

Design Marco Dessí

Some design-guidelines at Wittmann are immovably fixed: for example, the solid craftsmanship, the uncompromising seating comfort, as well as the familiar elegant aesthetic. Far fewer requirements are demanded by the new creation by the designer Marco Dessí: The model “Palais” masters both smooth incorporation as well as it self-confidently stands on its own. “Palais” therefore fits perfectly into the ensemble of the existing Wittmann Collection just as it reflects the proven, enduring Wittmann values. And yet, the design appears unusually undogmatic:
Through an intelligent clearly designed system comprised of different modules, materials and colours. This consistently makes “Palais” unmistakable and at the same time as adaptable as you would like with different configurations and materials are utilised to word with your preferred room layout.
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W 274 x D 174 x H 77 Other configurations and sizes available.


This item is currently not stocked nationally at DOMO Collections - yet is available upon request from our suppliers.

To inquire about product customisation from our available fabrics and finishes or to place an order, Please contact or visit your closest DOMO store.

*Please note standard shipment lead times may apply.

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