Persienne Storage Module


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Product customisation available

Designer Arnaud Lapierre

Module in satin white lacquered MDF with a decorative grid on just one face. The grid in laser-cut sheet steel finished in satin white lacquer. Modules may be stacked and/or juxtaposed to create bookshelves of the desired width.

Additional Information

The ‘La biblioth√®que fil’ is based around modules of W 70 cm which may be multiplied as desired. Each shelf has notches cut into it, into which the vertical uprights of the structure are inserted: this elegant method of assembly reinforces the stability of the overall piece. The shelves rest of little steel wire hoops soldered onto the uprights.

The structure in black or white lacquered steel wire with shelves W 70 or W 210 in 8 mm thick beech multi-ply finished in black or white laminate with visible wood edges. It is possible to create an assembly of 3 modules (W 70 x 3 = W 210) using linking-pieces to hold them together. In this case, they will also be held together by the large shelves W 210. It is also possible to use linking-pieces to create bookshelves of various widths by using them to join complete modules (structure + shelves) of W 70 cm and/or W 210 cm.


Customisable - each module W 70 is mounted on 4 adjustable jack feet.

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