PianPian Bed


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PianPian Bed Designr Steve Lueng

The Pian Pian bed draws from the PIANPIAN identity and superior craftsmanship with its elegant, decorative stitching line on the headboard. The rounded solid wooden base and headboard soften the overall outline of the piece for a comfortable, harmonious and modern bedroom.

Upholstered with fabric, with a row of straight stitches in the 1/3 position to the left when lying in bed.

Base and legs in solid wood


Highly skilled Chinese artisans sculpt each piece of furniture into perfection, using only the finest quality woods, steel, leather and lacquers. These resulting functional pieces of handicraft can surely be the perfect solution for any design need, whether it is a full house furnishing project or just adding a few accent pieces to an existing home/office environment.  HC28 provides more than 200 products adapted to four major interior house spaces: the living room, the dining room, the home office and the bedroom.

Featured Artwork “Tuxedo and Little Black Dress” (Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas) and sculpture “Gold Torso” in (Ceramic and Mixed Media) © Annette Saker. Annette Saker has been a successful textile artist for many years, using fabrics in dramatic and sculptural ways.  Saker has loved the opportunity of using diverse mediums with fabric, which has lead to her more recent sculptural work in clay and painting on canvases.

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By blending eastern essence with western design, HC28 introduces a furniture collection reflecting a sense of refined and harmonious modernity. Francois Champsaur and talented designers Christophe Delcourt, Luca Scacchetti, Masayuki Kurokawa, Steve Leung and Frank Chou join HC28 with a passion for exquisitely handcrafted and contemporary aesthetic to create a new concept of lifestyle.


T20C Queen 2250 x 1690 x 1200 mm Inner size of the bed 2060 x 1560 T20B King 2250 x 1890 x 1200mm Inner size of the bed 2060 x 1860

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