Pipe Bar Cart



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Product customisation available

Minimalistic and modern, the design of the PIPE Accessories has fully considered the product’s usage and movement and can be well integrated into the outdoor environment.  The tables are offered with a double-layer framework to expand potential storage space, or with a handle for convenient placement.  The bar cart has a stable structure that can be easily manoeuvred around.

Frame: Cream White / Juniper Green / Asphalt Grey


Additional Information

Launching in February 2019, Kun Design offers a contemporary range of outdoor furniture and accessories that combines luxurious materials with fine European design aesthetics whilst maintaining an affordable price tag. The resulting collection offers an extensive selection of high-end yet accessible creations for those who are passionate about good furniture and design. A strong believer in the value of creative utility, Kun Design crafts furniture that skilfully integrates design with space. The products are both modern and accessible, enjoying immense appeal with the design-conscious and also those who also hold a taste for innovation. Inspired by nature and life, the furniture can be placed in any setting and is suitable for outdoor use throughout the year.

The first shipment of Kun Design furniture will be arriving into Australia by February 2019. Until then, please direct any enquiries to your local DOMO store.


W 63 x D 95 x H 92 CM