Designed by Sofa Designers 2018.

Available in countless clever design variants and a multiplicity of styles, Playtime is the height of individuality. The seats of the sofas and elements come in plain upholstery or a hand-sewn, quilted finish. The freedom to combine the two types of surface makes each mix fresh and lively. The armrests can serve either as a conventional extension of the backrest or, in a more minimalist take, as leather-clad wings. Dainty accessories and trays with special finishes round off the bespoke Playtime range. For instance, there is a leather covered book tray on a shelf made of luxury and rare woods such as elm or genuine moor oak.

Additional Information

This item can be customized using a wide choice of fabrics found in the store. The Retail price will vary dependent on the fabric chosen. Pricing shown on the website is indicative of non-custom stock.



This item is currently not stocked nationally at DOMO Collections - yet is available upon request from our suppliers.

To inquire about product customisation from our available fabrics and finishes or to place an order, Please contact or visit your closest DOMO store.

*Please note standard shipment lead times may apply.