Prado Settee


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Designer Christian Werner

The Prado consists of a vast seat (sizes: 100 x 200 cm and 120 x 240 cm) which may be used either independently or with other elements, on which back cushions may be scattered at will. There is total freedom since these cushions, which are weighted and equipped with an anti-slip system, will remain in place without needing to be leant against or attached to anything. They could, therefore, be arranged on the floor for a few leisurely moments around a low table, whilst the seat could do duty as an occasional bed simply by turning over its seat cushion, the reverse of which is covered with mattress ticking.

Another important and particularly interesting feature of Prado is the possibility of transforming it into a comfortable bed-settee, for the reverse of the seat cushion is covered in mattress ticking: simply turn the cushion over and use the optionally fitted sheet to create a comfortable sleep platform either 100 or 120 cm in width. Made in France.


Additional Information

This item can be customized using a wide choice of fabrics found in the store. The Retail price will vary dependent on the fabric chosen. Pricing shown on the website is indicative of non-custom stock.



W 240 x D 120 x H 87 x SH 40.5 cm Large settee
W 200 x D 100 x H 87 x SH 40.5 cm Medium settee
W 40 x D 23 x H 15 cm Optional cushion

Customisable item

This item is fully customisable upon request from our suppliers.
Please inquire about material selections or visit your closest DOMO store to hand pick from our available fabrics and finishes.

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