TEKA 171 Side Chair


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TEKA Collection Design Gordon Guillaumier

RODA see each table, chair or sofa as a piece that should blend with highly refined and finished spaces but integrate as seamlessly with the natural identity of the outdoors. Experience and innovation, tradition and product development, expertise and experimentation are all key words when it comes to describing RODA products. Made in Italy.


Teak wood contains a natural oily resin which makes it extremely resistant to weather, temperature, parasite attacks and insects. The exposure outdoor creates a 1/2 mm-thick oxidation patina on the wood surface which favors its discoloration to a silver-grey color; this change does not affect its original characteristics in any way. The grey patina can be avoided or removed with the correct maintenance


Canatex is a net realized with a combination of extruded threads with a core of polyester covered by a sheath in part made of hemp which offers a stability and regular weaving effect. It has a great mechanical resistance, high colour fastness to UV rays and it is anti-mold. This material is in the fireresistance class M2-B2, thus it is self-extinguishing and, in case of combustion, it does not emit opaque smoke or toxic gas.

Canatex Colors are as follows:

TKA171-01-01 teak / canatex grey

TKA171-01-02 teak / canatex sand

TKA171-01-07 teak / canatex navy

Weight Structure: 9 kg

Storage Cover Available


Additional Information

Roda was founded in 1990 and is based in Varese, one of 12 provinces in the Lombardia region of Italy. Today, the company has become a leader company in the worldwide sector of outdoor furniture.

Roda traced a real chapter in the history of contemporary design: it has created a new dimension of the outdoor space, considering it as a value extension of indoors, that should be furnished with the same importance and attention.

Elegant collections, with an innovative and welcoming design, are combined with materials of the best quality, such as solid teak, polyester belts, stainless steel and refined stones.

Today Roda is one of the leading creators of boundary crossing outdoor and indoor furniture, and is seen as the parent of the new IN and OUT sector in home furnishings and interiors.

Looking after Teak:

Teak – In humid conditions, teak may release some reddish oil, which can cause stains on the surface. For normal cleaning, use a soft cloth (not in microfiber), fresh water and SUNDECK SOAP. – use SUNDECK WOOD OIL LIGHT, a nutrient and protective oil, on the new product to avoid the superficial oxidation. – use GREY OFF every 2/3 years to remove the grey patina due to the oxidation of the surface. After the treatment with GREY OFF, wash the furniture with water and SUNDECK SOAP and oil it with SUNDECK WOOD OIL LIGHT. – In case of deep spots hard to clean with

SUNDECK SOAP, it is recommended to sand the surface uniformly before using GREY-OFF; in any case, do not use GREY-OFF more than once a year. – Always avoid abrasive products or aggressive chemical solvents.



Width 54 cm Depth 52 cm Height 80 cm Seat height 46 cm