Vuelta Chaise Lounge


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Rotation, turning, return – these are the meanings of the Spanish word Vuelta. The backrest rotates playfully around the corner, becomes the armrest, continues on to the sitter or recliner–in order to enclose them, as in an embrace. The special shape is divided by expertly crafted seam patterns, as a reminiscence of Josef Hoffmann.   Also part of this collection is the Vuelta Chaise Lounge, Vuelta Lounge Island, Vuelta Lounge Sofa, Vuelta Armchair 72 and Vuelta Armchair 80.

Additional Information

AUSTRIAN HANDCRAFT SINCE 1896 – Wittmann is a family business – manufacturing high-quality upholstered furniture.


W 190 cm X D 114 cm X H 77 cm

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