Dentsu Office Zurich Büronauten AG Regine Tschopp de Sede DS-707 DOMO
Dentsu Office Zurich Büronauten AG Regine Tschopp de Sede DS-707 DOMO
Office by Büronauten AG Regine Tschopp de Sede DS-707 DOMO
Dentsu Office Zurich Büronauten AG Regine Tschopp de Sede DS-707 DOMO
Büronauten AG Regine Tschopp de Sede DS-707 DOMO
Dentsu Office Zurich Büronauten AG Regine Tschopp de Sede DS-707 DOMO

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Client @Dentsu, Zurich, Switzerland
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The architects of the groundbreaking Dentsu Office Zurich, located in Puls 5 in Zurich, feature an iconic de Sede DS-707 sofa. It makes sense because this eye-catching sofa harmonises with the raw materials used within this modern office.


What Was the Design Brief?

The project began roughly one year after the pandemic started. This allowed the team to adapt to the new requirements surrounding flexible work. The design brief was shaped around an entirely new premise with these pertinent questions:

* What added value should offices offer in post-pandemic times?
* What motivation is there to work at the office instead of from home?

The answers formed the starting point for the interior architects from Büronauten AG, specifically Regine Tschopp. As a result, her vision of an office of the future with a 1,500-square-metre footprint became a reality. Regine Tschopp created various zones within the Dentsu Office Zurich to cater to the requirements of the working day. The zones prioritised the movement of people and their well-being.


What Furniture Was Selected for Dentsu Office Zurich?

Regine Tschopp found the perfect furniture accomplices in the now classic DS-707 sofas and armchairs by designer Philippe Malouin. Tschopp has been familiar with de Sede’s sculptures for a long time. de Sede – leather specialists from nearby Klingnau – were chosen as project partners. This was due to the supreme quality of their products and their innovative designs. The quick reaction times, manufacturing flexibility and expert personal assistance proved essential to their success.

In terms of Dentsu office, the entrance area has a bar-like setting. As a result, it was furnished with DS-707 jade-green sofas and seats, breaking away from the concept of a fixed workspace. The interplay of green flora and ambient lighting created an exciting backdrop for the office space. The design encourages flexible interaction supported by an atmosphere that’s conducive to wellbeing.


Office Furniture with a Commitment to Sustainability

The de Sede furniture items selected for Dentsu Office Zurich were not least chosen for their unique design vocabulary, timelessness and adaptability. The sculptures also perfectly complemented the spatial and functional requirements of the project by creating a custom space to retreat to in the lavish entrance area. The decision to use leather as a natural material reflects the contractor and designer’s commitment to sustainability.

“My fundamental aim is to plan a long-lasting and sustainable project in many ways and in doing so generate positive emotions. This includes taking into account the desires of the constructor, a sensitive approach to local conditions, flexibility, a stringent design concept, and sensible forethought and decisions with regards to longevity,” says Tschopp.


An Office for Longevity

The focus on office longevity is greater than ever. During the project, a change of tenants came about, which often means redoing the entire inventory. This was the case here. More than ever a reusable, flexible and modular concept is all the more important.

With the trailblazing office design of Dentsu Office Zurich, Regine Tschopp and all those involved in the project succeeded in creating a harmonising, sustainable space. The office will continue to delight both this generation and future generations of employees with its open and inviting atmosphere.


Project location: Dentsu & Merkle Office, Puls 5, Zurich, Switzerland

Project date: 2023



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