Hotel Senhoog Leogang DOMO chalet austria DS-515 barstool
Chalet Austria DS-515 DOMO de Sede
Chalet Austria DS-515 DOMO de Sede
Senhoog Chalet Austria DS-515 DOMO de Sede
Chalet Austria DS-515 DOMO de Sede
Hotel Senhoog Leogang DOMO chalet austria DS-515 barstool
Hotel Senhoog Leogang DOMO chalet austria DS-515 barstool
Austrian chalet DOMO DS-515 chair

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Hotel Senhoog Leogang is a luxurious holiday house, restaurant, spa and meeting space in the Austrian Alps with classic chalet ambience. The home itself offers guests, who’ve seen everything in the premium hotel industry, a luxury chalet retreat.

There’s no secret ingredient, as Lutz Speer – gastronomist and owner of the Senhoog chalet in Leogang in Austria’s Pinzgau region – will tell you. For him, the factors surrounding premium-quality materials are crucial: “Synthetic materials are a no-go.”


What is the Design Ethos at Senhoog Chalet?

When furnishing his new chalet in the Austrian Alps, Speer was confronted with the decision of how he would “invite” the nature-rich ambiance into the cosy living room for his guests to enjoy. At Hotel Senhoog Leogang, the synthetic certainly has no place here; special craftsmanship is needed to make the chalet like no other. It also needs a quality, durable and modern design.


What Furniture Harmonises with Hotel Senhoog’s Aesthetic?

The interaction of natural materials with traditional craftsmanship was paramount. Together with his interior architect, Lutz Speer first looked for other armchairs and chairs for his premium chalet. But then he saw a chair from the DS-515 family adorned in a leather cover and loden which captured his imagination the moment he set eyes upon it: “We have to have it if we want to be cool.”

The designs of the DS-515 family originate from the Greutmann Bolzern design studio. In their work, Carmen and Urs Greutmann pay special attention to making sure their sculptures are unmistakably distinct in their shapes and materials, culminating in a universally applicable seating experience for de Sede.

The DS-515 seating family can be used at the dining table, in the office or as bar stools with its sophisticated underframes, its unique five-millimetre-thick ‘Neck’ leather that embraces you with a feeling of security and its use of loden as a textile inlay. All this makes each and every DS-515 seating sculpture a timelessly beautiful companion that is at home in any setting.


What Was it Like to Work With de Sede?

Those in charge at Hotel Senhoog Leogang found the cooperation particularly amenable as the bespoke service provided by de Sede meant that the chalet in Leogang could be fitted out in a short amount of time, allowing Lutz Speer and his team to offer future guests the sought-after luxuriousness of a premium hotel.

Impressed by the durability of the leather and de Sede’s striking design, he took things a couple of steps further. DS-515 lounge chairs are not only seen in the chalet in Leogang but also in Hotel Senhoog Leogang’s second luxury holiday home SalzWasserHerz in Sylt.

But because the cooperation with de Sede proved to be so impressively smooth, a custom-made corner seat was also covered with the same five-millimetre-thick ‘Neck’ leather as the chairs.


Together with de Sede, SENHOOG succeeded in realising their ambition of longevity and consistency, rejecting the superficial and ephemeral and creating a unique feeling of comfort.

Project location: Hotel Senhoog, Leogang, Pinzgau region of Austria

Project date: 2020


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