On Office Zurich de Sede DS-1025 DOMO
On Office Zurich de Sede DS-1025 DOMO
Ons head quarters de Sede DS-1025 DOMO
On Office Zurich de Sede DS-1025 DOMO
On running shoes head quarters de Sede DS-1025 DOMO

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DOMO Brand @de Sede
Client @On Performance Running Shoes


What you immediately notice when you enter the new On Office Zurich is its airiness and natural environment. The innovative running and sports shoe brand, founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 2010, has devoted itself to the revolution of walking comfort – its credo: “Like walking on clouds”.


When Did the On’s Office Renovation Occur?

In August 2022, more than 650 employees moved to their new headquarters located in the industrial quarter in the western part of the city. It’s a spectacular new construction which is a sublime embodiment of the brand’s vision.


What Was the Design Brief?

When planning the room layouts at the On Office Zurich, the movement and meeting of people were of top priority. This was facilitated by open, airy structures and innovative offices which elegantly bring stationary work to life. The lavish stairway is a testament to this, as it guides the user through a total of 17 floors like an active trail. Another striking design element is the presence of nature, exemplified by a hanging tree with an essential oil aroma that fits in perfectly with the airy structure.


Why was the DS-1015 Chosen for the Entranceway?

Below open ceilings and floating stairs, the classic de Sede DS-1025 sofa is right at home in a fitting jade green. When designing the sofa structure, Swiss designer Ubald Klug was inspired by the terrace-like topography of his home country. His subsequent creation features a unique seating landscape whose distinctive selling point is its horizontal layers.

Depending on how its modular elements are arranged, the DS-1025 sculpture can form a peak or valley made of padded leather. The artistic workmanship and unique design vocabulary perfectly emphasise de Sede’s upholstery work and design expertise and establish an oasis for relaxation and creative exchange. No doubt about it – it’s like sitting on clouds!


Together the On Office Zurich and the DS-1025 sofa make impact at this enduring and architectural headquarters. Particularly as the undulating nature of the sofa perfectly suit the design base of On’s performance shoes; to ignite the human spirit through movement.

Project location: On Office, Zurich, Switzerland

Project date: August 2022



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