HC28 COSMO Bufa Modular Sofa

Ligne Roset is celebrating Togo’s 50th Anniversary with a limited edition fabric La Toile du Peintre by Pierre Frey.

Togo is adorned with a contemporary tapestry with a large graphic pattern and vibrant colours that reinterprets a work by painter Heather Chontos. Its scale, its joyful and free stroke make this fabric an ode to artistic expression that will energise interiors.

The painter and sculptor Heather Chontos works impulsively and spontaneously. Her graphic compositions combine dynamism, intense colours and organic forms. To paint, the artist turns objects away from their original use and applies paint with old credit cards, pieces of broken glass or simply draws and scratches the surface of the canvas with the paint tube itself.

Orders for the Togo limited edition close 2 December, 2023.