When Pulpo was founded in 2006 by Ursula and Patrick L’hoste, they wanted to create a range of products that emphasised their passion for beautiful and unique things. They wanted to make sure each customer was able to mould their Pulpo piece, whether that be furniture, lighting or accessories to adhere to their personal tastes and styles.

Pulpo gives you the opportunity to tailor your purchase specifically for you, this is a rare amenity as it means you can style a product not only to meet your personal tastes, but to adapt to an existing space or home. This offering truly sets Pulpo apart, making it one of the most unique and customisable brands on the market. DOMO is now stocking a selection of Pulpo’s lighting, furniture and accessories, for which the colour, size and combination of shades can be customised to suit your individual aesthetics’.

Pulpo, Alwa One Tables

Normally, glass is regarded as being lightweight with sharp edges. In contrast, Sebastian Herkner’s Alwa is massive and possesses gentle contours. The raw, hot, glass mass with its natural bubbles is an imprint of the structure, including the uneven, sensitive surface, making it interesting and lovely to touch, but also ideal for placing a variety of items.

Pulpo, Aspa Tables

The Aspa side table is made of five cathedral glass layers stacked on top of one another to create a delicate play of colour and light whilst being rich in dimensions.

Pulpo, Madison Bar Wagon  

Mixing materials, forms and references, the Madison Bar Wagon is made up just like any good cocktail. Perfectly composed by Michael Schmidt, madison blends references such as 1920’s high culture and modernist architectural lines, to create a bar ready to roll into any contemporary gathering.

Pulpo, Atoll Candle Holders  

Sebastian Herkner’s hot moulded candle islands of massive glass are non-symmetrical and randomly shaped. Punctuated simply with a series of holes in which to place your candles, the Atoll series does not over-complicate, simply bringing the beauty of cast glass to the fore. The Atoll Candle Holder is available in three sizes (one, three or seven candles) and four colours.

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