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Interior design is the art of planning the design and execution of interiors and furnishings. Consequently, interior design in hospitality focuses more on environments that entertain or host the public. These may include hotels, motels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs through to sporting and social clubs.

Why is interior design important in hospitality?

Form and function are the cornerstones of good design and within the hospitality sector it is no different. Above all, it is important the interior design of hospitality spaces provide guests with:

1.   A welcoming environment assuring a natural flow throughout all amenities
2.  An authentic visual backdrop that reinforces the ‘essence’ and ‘credibility’ of the brand
3.  A comfortable and relaxed setting – so guests feel happy to linger at the venue
4.  Quality, durable furniture that can weather extensive wear and tear is critical

  Hospitality interior Wittmann Hotel Mintrops

Why is Wittmann ideal for hospitality interiors?

When design, exclusivity and craftsmanship are paramount, Austria’s Wittmann furniture is unparalleled in hospitality, hotel and lobby settings. Whether fitting out a contemporary or classic interior, Wittmann gives a masterful edge with its uncompromising design. Explore rich colour palettes and textured fabrics and leathers to bring any creative vision to life

Wittmann has partnered with the greatest names of their time, Johannes Spalt, Jean Nouvel, Matteo Thun and Paolo Piva. Moreover, these designers set the direction that Jaime Hayon, Sebastian Herkner and Luca Nichetto have now seamlessly picked up on, taking Wittmann’s design into a new era.

Where is Wittmann stocked in Australia?

Wittmann is exclusive to DOMO in Australia. DOMO stocks stand-alone Wittmann pieces and ensembles for high-end public and private interiors. Above all, we also customise Wittmann commissions with you. Visit one of our showrooms or contact DOMO for a Video Consult or a Recorded Detail Video of your nominated Wittmann piece.

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