Space Saving Furniture for Outdoor Spaces

Whether it stacks, folds or transforms, space saving outdoor furniture adds comfort and practicality to a small outdoor space. Balconies, courtyards and gardens can be furnished with clever space saving outdoor furniture to maximise their look and functionality.

From stackable chairs, to double-duty stools and extendable tables, our small space outdoor furniture guide is filled with savvy ideas to save you space.


The benefits of stackable chairs

Stackable chairs enable you to maximise and reconfigure an outdoor area. Yet they ensure an appearance of neatness when you aren’t using the space. Furthermore, stackable chairs can conveniently be put to the side in wintertime or when you’re not entertaining.


Why is multifunctional outdoor furniture good?

Multifunctional furniture saves space and the cost of investing in two individual pieces. Not only does double-duty outdoor furniture reduce the clutter in your small outdoor area, but visually you have a streamlined effect. This helps keep your space inviting.

Fancy a side table that transforms into additional storage? An an armchair that turns into an ottoman or side table? Or a planter that doubles as a champagne cooler – you pick!


Why is moveable furniture good in my outdoor area?

Easy to move pieces mean your small outdoor space can be reconfigured for any occasion, in moments! More people? Shift the furniture item inside. Need more surface space for entertaining? Place a platter on a footstool.

Lightweight pieces allow for movement so the space isn’t static and becomes multipurpose.


What is transformable outdoor furniture?

Transformable outdoor furniture re-shapes before your very eyes into a longer, smaller or different pieces of outdoor furniture. Think extendable dining tables that fold out to include more guests, and an armchair that transforms into an ottoman seat. Put simply, transformable furniture makes outdoor entertaining easier.

Need a coffee table and stool in the blink of an eye? Look no further than the stackable DOMO Home Totem Set… store it in a column then unstack it in moments to accommodate more guests.

Transformable outdoor furniture pieces are terrific to include in your outdoor room, alfresco area or sun deck setting. View how with a very simple manual adjustment the DOMO Home Bloom 3 Seater Sofa transforms into a sun-lounger with a simple manual adjustment.


The Best Space Saving Outdoor Furniture in Australia

DOMO has a wide selection of space saving outdoor furniture that is clever, design forward and sturdy. Whether you are looking for a singular moveable piece or a transformable modular sofa set, DOMO has what you need to finesse the style of your outdoor space.

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