How to Care for Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is renowned for its beauty and durability. The unique properties of teak timber make it highly prized for indoor and outdoor furniture alike. Despite its hard-wearing nature, there are a few simple steps to ensure your teak looks its very best.


What is teak?
Teak is a unique premium hardwood particularly suitable for outdoor furniture. Teak contains high levels of natural oil and gum, making it highly flexible and durable.


What are the properties of teak furniture?
Teak is remarkably hard-wearing, stable and weather resistant due to the compact and water-repellent structure of the wood.

Why is teak furniture good for outdoor use?

+ The micro-capillaries within the teak timber conveys an oily sap. This oily liquid is water-repellent and for this reason teak furniture cannot become water-logged, rot or warp as other timbers can if left outdoors.

+ Teak’s natural oil combined with an antiseptic resin in the wood enhances the beauty of each piece over time.

When left continuously outside the exposure to humidity and rain may cause teak furniture to discolour unevenly leading to the formation of silver-grey patina on the surface of the timber.

This process is called oxidation. Teak oxidation only takes place on the top layer (1 to 2mm) of the teak surface. The underlying structure of the timber remains intact, even after many years of exposure to inclement weather.


What is the oxidation of teak timber?

In the elements outdoors the unique patina and colour of teak wood will oxidise and change quickly. Equally, exposure to direct sunlight indoors through a window will also change the patina over time.

Once you install your teak furniture, decide how you would like the timber to age. Will you work to maintain the existing colour of the timber or allow it to age gracefully over time?

To avoid oxidation of the teak, and only when it is not combined with other materials, it can be periodically oiled with a quality teak oil.

To embrace oxidation process of the teak, simply allow it to patina in the elements over time.


6 Tips to maintain teak furniture

1. For everyday cleaning, dust regularly and wipe over with a clean damp cotton cloth (not micro fibre).

2. Remove stains and dirt by washing with mild soap and fresh water.

3. Do not use solvents, acid-based chemicals or products containing silicon ingredients.

4. Avoid hot surfaces coming in direct contact with teak.

5. Use a table mat or coaster.

6. Lift do not drag teak furniture along the ground when moving it.

Contact DOMO if you are unsure how to care for your DOMO teak outdoor furniture or decor item – we are here to help.

Your DOMO consultant can help with good advice from our decades of experience. We can also point you in the right direction should you need repair work done.

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