Q&A with Camilla and Marc

We recently teamed up with Australian Luxury Womenswear brand, Camilla and Marc for the photoshoot of their newly launched UNITY: A NEW HORIZON collection. The collaboration between DOMO and Camilla and Marc on this campaign is a homage to the universal experience of collective community in these unprecedented times.

The furniture and garments merge interior and fashion, creating a blend of juxtaposing shades and textures, which play to the theme of unity. Our signature Ligne Roset Togo made an appearance alongside our other coveted pieces, the Oyster Chair by Wittmann and the de Sede DS-80 Day Bed.

We sat down with Camilla Freeman-Topper, co-founder of Camilla and Marc to learn about her inspiration for the new collection and find out her dream furniture piece.

“What inspired your new collection, UNITY: A NEW HORIZON?”

“The intersection between dress and its connection to feeling has long fascinated me. The collection is an exploration of the art of dress, and if it can become a powerful precursor to discovering a harmonious inner world that we can use to define, explore and shape our own identity.”


“The collection offers a renewed sense of simplicity, comfort and practicality.
Why is this important to today’s lifestyle?”

“I believe clothing is a tool that we can use to shape how we feel and also practically, shape how we live our lives. Practicality and simplicity are a core part of that, as well as quality. Today, the things we choose to surround ourselves with are incredibly important and relevant, there are so many choices and messages every day, my belief is that dressing should be simple and bring a sense of comfort and joy.”

How do you want women to feel when they wear CAMILLA AND MARC clothes?

“I would love for women to feel their most effortless and confident selves when wearing CAMILLA AND MARC. That really was our aim when we started the brand in 2003, and it still is one of the most important elements of what we do today.”


What colours are on the horizon for women’s clothing, and where does some of this inspiration come from?

“Each season our colour inspiration changes, it might be anchored in an art book that I’m reading, or an inspiring place we’ve visited, or a film or performance. Whilst I think colour is making a huge comeback, for us, we lean towards tonal plays of neutral with accents of colour, it’s an expressive moment paired back with a modern wardrobe of staples”


Do you have a favourite DOMO piece? Or is there a dream piece on your wishlist?

“I love the Togo Fireside Chair; our home is incredibly comfort driven, and I can imagine myself reading a book in that piece for hours. My kids would be equally obsessed. I also really love the de Sede DS-266 Recliner Chair.”


Visit Camilla and Marc at @camillaandmarc to discover more. 

View the full photoshoot here.